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About Us

Summit Structures General Contractors, Inc. is a full-service construction and renovation company specializing in both residential and commercial projects.
Founded by construction veteran Rick Wingate, Summit Structures was built on the basis of professionalism, efficiency, great effort, and reputation. As a licensed General Contractor, Summit Structures specializes in Shell, Structural Shoring and Repair, Specialized Masonry and Excavation/Earthwork. 

Based in South Florida, our market focus is dedicated to medium and large-scale multi-family construction projects, both residential and commercial. 
Our company utilizes three decades of experience with the completion of over 17 million square feet of concrete super structure in the last 15 years alone.
Licensed, bonded, and insured throughout the states of Florida and Virginia, Summit Structures has the experience and expertise to utilize the safest vertical access that the industry provides, while exceeding the most stringent O.S.H.A. guidelines.
As a highly respected company in the construction industry, our team at Summit Structures prides itself on employing the best and the brightest. Our expert team of project managers, engineers, and consultants work together on each individual project to ensure accuracy from start to finish. 
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